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4 reasons why you need to sign up for ebootcamp training:

1) You’ll be instructed how to lead your business & team online.
2) You’ll learn how the experts deliver BIG results online.
3) You’ll learn how to access funding to kickstart you online.
4) Your instructors take millions of pounds online & will reveal the secrets.

Are you are looking for your company to attack the internet but feel ill equipped for success? Our  jam-packed ebootcamps are designed to help put your plans in place. It’s full of all the priceless hints, tools and secrets to give you the edge over your competitors.

This is not a conference. It’s an in-depth, fast-paced, training seminar designed to give you the tools you need to move to the next level. Full of candid, no-holds-barred content from experts in online business. You will walk away empowered to use your website for real business.

You can spare 90 minutes, so why not attend a mini eBootcamp seminar to find out more.


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Network with other companies

You’ll also get the chance to network with like-minded business owners who are as keen as you to get their businesses working harder.

Content includes:

Leadership and management
Leadership vs management
Mastering your time
Goal setting
Rules of the game
Marketing vs selling
Golden formula
Test and measure
The 5 ways
Ditch the CD’s
Interuption vs permission
Fulfilling your customers needs
The four types of salesman
The loyalty ladder
Moments of truth


The internet dream
How to get leads in 2010
E-promo vs e-tailing
The build plan
Guerrilla marketing
Permission marketing
Search engines
Online P&L
Choosing your site chassis
The presentation
The content
Recruiting experts
Sales plan

Come to a FREE mini eBootcamp and make it your most profitable 90 minutes this year.